You Know You’re in Italy When…

Hi Everyone, I thought I’d start having some fun with Italian experiences, hence the list below. I would love to have other sayings to collect so please go to the bottom of this entry and feel free to comment or submit any of your own “You Know You’re In Italy” experiences. You are welcome to forward this to anyone, just please have the courtesy to give credit to my blog. Grazie, Serenella

You know you’re in Italy when

  • You’re back for the third time today at a store that has the “Torno Subito” (I’ll be right back) sign on the door and you still can’t find anybody there
  • You ordered a cappuccino or bought a gift-wrapped package that look like art work
  • You shower with your hands at your side because you might bump into the shower walls if you bend your elbows
  • You go to the beach and see that some older men are in denial that the Speedo fad has come and gone while the younger guys wear surfer pants down to their knees
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