Gnocchi di Patate (Potato Gnocchi), Serenella

PotatoGnocchi005.jpgThere are many types of gnocchi in Italy (cornmeal gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi, gnocchi alla Romana, etc.). Probably the best-known gnocchi are the gnocchi di patate (potato gnocchi).

Gnocchi are an economical dish to make and a great and creative experience to share with children. Although a little difficult the first time you “try your hand” at this, gnocchi become fun when you get the hang of it.

The original and most classic version of potato gnocchi (according to the great food experts Carnacina and Veronelli – as well as my grandmother) is made with very good potatoes and flour only. Over the years and for the sake of ease in restaurants, eggs have been added to the recipe. I find the addition of egg makes the gnocchi less fluffy but it is certainly an option to make the process easier.

This is one recipe where you will need a kitchen scale to weigh the ingredients to take into account the relative humidity of your cooking environment. So, get out your equipment and have a go at it!

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