Rosemary in Italy – more than a cooking herb

Italians are known for their use of the fragrant herb rosemary in many food preparations. Perhaps this use grew from the fact that rosemary grows spontaneously on the rocky terrain along the Mediterranean coasts in incredible quantities. In fact, rosemary is also very popular in other cuisines such as those of France, Spain and Greece.

In Italy, rosemary is predominantly used to flavor roasted and grilled meats and fish. It is often coupled with garlic (rosemary is a perfect pairing with the aroma of garlic), wine and vinegar.

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Now is the best time to rent your bargain villa in Tuscany

Are you holding back on your travel and vacation dreams because of the economy? You may want to reconsider your position. The current price offerings of villas in Italy are at an historic low.  If you have ever had a dream of taking a vacation with a loved one, your family, business colleagues or a group of friends, now is the time to book your Italian fantasy vacation.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where there were no villas in Tuscany available for renting?  That is no longer the case as the world’s purse strings have tightened.  This year, we have seen villas from as low as €36 (about $52.00) per person, per night for beautiful properties in idyllic surroundings. Try finding any luxury hotel room in Italy (or anywhere else) at this price! Heck, this may even cost less than the currently popular ‘staycations!’

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