What Are the Must-See Places in Tuscany?

I can’t tell you how often we are asked that question and how difficult it is to answer.  There are so many beautiful places and art treasures in Tuscany.  Sometimes you can turn a corner in a little village and have your breath taken away by the beauty you behold.

Here are some recommendations from Tuscany Accommodations on the top places to see in Tuscany.  If you are a first-time traveler, this is a great list:

First time to Tuscany? Top 5 Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss!


Must-See in Tuscany Now: The Duomo of Siena

From August 18 through October 24, The breathtaking pavement within the Duomo of Siena, considered one of the masterpieces of Italian Gothic, will be completely uncovered.  All the details are in this entry from Discover Tuscany: