Italy: World’s Largest Labyrinth Opens Today

Swide picture of labyrinth

The world’s largest labyrinth opens today in Fontanellato, a small town in the province of  Parma, Italy. This labyrinth is also  one of the widest bamboo plantations in Europe. Guests will walk through a fairy-tale maze and also admire fabulous works of arts.


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Maremma, Tuscany Beaches Among the Best in Italy

On my very recent trip to Tuscany I was in the Maremma area (Southwest Tuscany) famous for its wines, Italian cowboys, Etruscan ruins and beaches.  As I visited the Necropolis (burial ground) of Etruscans in Populonia.

While there, I was captivated by the beautiful colors of the sea and the seashore. So now I learn that some Maremma beaches are among Italy’s 15 best as chosen by the Italian Touring Club’s top 15 list for 2013.

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Visit to the Carpigiano Gelato University in Italy

As reported in our post from May 1, 2013, “Gelato University in Italy for International Students,” Carpigiani (the world leader in gelato machines) has opened a gelato university at their headquarters near Bologna, Italy

This is the headquarters of Carpigiani, the world’s biggest gelato machine. Next door are the and Museum of Gelato Culture and Technology.

People from around the world are anxious to attend this new university.

Now NPR reports on an actual visit to this delicious and unique university.

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Learn to make gelato

Eat your way through school by starting with dessert!

Race of the Giant Candles in Gubbio, Italy

Every May 15th in Gubbio (Umbria), Italy, three teams carry a statue of their saint mounted on a wooden octagonal prism, similar to an hour-glass shape 4 metres tall and weighing about 280

For full article in L’Italo-Americano, click here.

Carrying Enormous Candles

Race of the Giant Candles

First Time Ever: Sky Section of Siena’s Duomo Open to Public

From now until October 27, 2013, the “Sky” section of the beautiful Duomo of Siena will be accessible to tourists.

Finally, after centuries of renovations, visitors will be lead by a guide through hidden walkways, indoor and outdoor balconies and spiral staircases to view the famous ceiling.

Duomo of Siena on view for the first time ever.

See the “Starry Skies” of Siena

This is the first opportunity to view the starry sky frescoes on the vaults of the structure – also known as Porta del Cielo (Door of Heaven).

This is worth a trip to Tuscany!

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Rome Celebrates 2,766th Birthday

RomaCompleannoGladiators, Fireworks, a new Pope and much, much more are in store for this year’s birthday celebration in Rome.  Naturally, museum exhibits abound, especially at the Vatican.

Don’t miss this celebration.  And if you can’t make it this year, why not plan for 2014?

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Florence, Italy Gelato Festival May 2013

Festivities | 17 May 2013 from 12:00 a.m. to 26 May 2013 23:45 p.m. Florence (FI)

In May 2013, the“Italian Gelato Tour,” road show involving the best ice cream makers and industry leaders from Italy and abroad, aims to promote this amazing, traditional Italian frozen dessert.  Gelato was invented during the Renaissance by the versatile artist Bernardo Buontalenti.

The event takes place in some of the most beautiful locations in Florence.

The Italian Gelato Tour is designed by the creators of Firenze Gelato Festival to spread the culture of ice cream all over the country and increase the involvement of all the Italian regions in the values, pleasures, and  traditions of the best-loved frozen dessert in the world. Particular attention will be dedicated to all participants, from professionals to entrepreneurs to amateurs, who want to get closer to the world of gelato.

The Italy Gelato Tour will stop in Florence from May 17 to 26, 2014 with the Firenze Gelato Festival.

One hundred days before the inauguration of Firenze Gelato Festival 2013, the selection of ice cream masters for all stages of the Tour began.

Firenze Gelato Festival 2013 and Italy Gelato Tour 2013 are indeed the perfect settings for any gelato maker: For those who make ice cream with passion, for those for whom gelato is a vocation and for those who have personality, charisma, communication skills and team spirit and want to propose a product that is innovative, creative and of high quality.

For info and contacts:


tel: 055 47891322.


Where it takes place

Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 1 – 50123 – Florence

2013 Very Useful Italy Tips and Updates from Rick Steves


What’s new in Italy for 2013 travelers?  Rick Steves, the ultimate Italy tourist, shares his tips in USA Today.   Rick includes how to avoid long lines in italy, Italy’s best public squares, magical experiences in Florence and Venice, new museum exhibits, a Cinque Terre update,  and much more.

My husband and I are visiting Italy in May.  I found some good tips in this article!


Excitement in Assisi, Italy over “Pope Francis”

As Described in the ItalianNotebook, the citizens of Assisi as well as all the Franciscans are celebrating the new pope and hoping for a visit to this place of peace and international brotherhood.


St. Francis returns from war on his horse

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Italy Introduces Green, Electric Quadricycle to Postal Fleet

Introducing the  Italian Postal Services mini-car with methane, carbon-free distribution, This project is part of  the participation in European environmental projects.MiniCarPostalService

I cannot wait to see these in the historic center of Florence when I’m there in May.  They are so cute!

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