Learn Italian – your wallet can handle it and your soul will sing!

I have heard from some of you who say you love the sound of Italian and Italian music and would like to learn the language. One reader said, “My basic Italian vocabulary consists of ‘Bocelli, Ferrari, Armani and pasta’!”Tuscan door to speaking Italian

Because of the Internet, private language lessons (previously the privilege of the wealthy few or those reimbursed by their companies) have become extremely affordable. This is particularly exciting to me because I have always felt private lessons are the best way to learn a language. They are customized to your level, speed, interests and ability.

I am often approached by people who want to learn Italian for fun, family, cultural or work reasons. You can now learn to speak the language of Dante, Puccini and, yes, Bocelli in a very relaxed and fun way, at home or on the road.


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Current “In” Italian Words and Phrases

Each time I visit Italy I notice new words currently in use. I always have fun at the italianization of English terms too. Here are a few current ones:

  • S.U.V. (sports utility vehicle): SUV (pronounced soov)
  • Feeling: feeling
  • Muffin: muffin (pronounced mooffeen), very popular in Italy right now
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (soap opera): Beautiful (pronounced bee you’ tee ful)
  • Sunny and vivacious (referred to a person): solare
  • Pod/pods (as in coffee pods for espresso machines): cialda/cialde
  • Could not be nicer (or more gracious): carinissima/carinissimo
  • Martini aperitivo: refers to a vermouth drink, not the martini served in the USA. That is “Martini Americano”
  • Caffe Americano: This is ordered by many English and American visitors as a substitue for their own coffee. It is an espresso with enough hot water added for a large cup.
  • Americano: Ordered at a bar/caffe, this is a (strong) aperitif with bitter Campari, red vermouth and soda water. Do not confuse this with a caffe Americano as a lovely lady in one of my groups did at 10:00am one morning. I must say, she was a good sport and drank it all anyway!

I hope this helps with your Italian. Ciao, Serenella