Inspirational Women, Tuscan or Not – Moving Experiences Working With Women

I often receive questions about why I choose to work mostly with women and have so many women clients. For starters, I truly enjoy working with women and helping women in business.


Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE men. I raised two sons as a single mother and I have a husband of two years whom I adore.


Let’s face it – men don’t need as much help in the world of business as women do. Plus, women have a special way of connecting…


I have a few criteria when I am looking for collaborators, male or female:


  1. They love what they do
  2. They are good at what they do
  3. They are professional
  4. They work well with people
  5. They have a sense of humor

Once these basic standards are met, I do everything possible to help them succeed.


This approach works for me in Tuscany as well as at home in California and has offered me the opportunity to connect with some fantastic women. Read more