Liquore di Caffe della Nonna (Grandma’s Coffee Liqueur)

Tom, a Toscana Mia reader currently living in Jordan, takes his stove-top espresso maker wherever he goes and he has moved around a lot! Tom’s family comes from the enchanting region of Puglia (in the ‘heel of the boot’) where life is till slow and wonderful.

Tom makes his own Italian liqueurs (limoncello and Liquore di Caffe) at home.  He has generously sent in his Italian grandmother’s recipe for Coffee Liqueur.

Liquore di Caffe della Nonna (Grandma’s Coffee Liqueur)
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  1. Make a cup of very strong espresso with a stove-top macchina – stove-top coffee maker (of course).
  2. When it is done, pour the coffee into a measuring cup.
  3. Clean la macchina and re-pack it with espresso and ready it for another pot of coffeeBUT, do not use water the second time, use the coffee from the previous pot thereby making it very, very strong —   too strong to drink.
  4. Pour into 50%/50% alcohol and water (pure alcohol is too strong to drink but diluted with water is a good base for liquore (I don’t know if you can get pure alcohol in the U.S. but it is sold in Europe).  Or use vodka and sweeten to taste.