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Cantucci di Prato (Almond cookies)Cantucci di Prato (Almond cookies)
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Biscotti in Italian refers to cookies in general.  The word biscotti (biscuits in French and English) means ‘twice cooked’ and refers to the Italian cookies that are now widely sold all over the world.

The city of Prato (a famous textile center near Florence in Tuscany) is famous for its Cantucci or mini biscotti.  These are traditionally served at the end of a meal with a small glass of vin santo (Tuscan dessert wine) for dipping.  Some people also dip cantucci in their espresso, cappuccino or tea.

This recipe for cantucci is a classic.  Our family enjoys these all year long.  For the holidays, a brightly wrapped package of home-made cantucci makes a lovely and thoughtful present either on its own or with a small bottle of imported vin santo!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about butter, the classic cantucci are made without butter.

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