The Most Architecturally Beautiful Wineries in Tuscany

The Tuscany Tourism Website has published a collection of the most architecturally compelling wineries in Tuscany.  You will find here a beautiful slideshow along with wine quotes from very famous people.

The Italian idea of “La Bella Figura” (the beautiful figure) is a way of life with Italians; a philosophy that permeates all aspects of “La dolce vita.”  This idea is very well represented in the design of these beautiful wineries in one of the most magical places on earth:

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Living with passion – lessons from Tuscany: wine and romance

Tuscan wine, passion, food and romance

I am often asked how wine fits into the Tuscan lifestyle. Wine is intrinsic to life in Tuscany as the ancient Etruscans cultivated wild grapes to make wines in the area that is now Tuscany since before Roman times. The Tuscan way of life is based on passion and wine in Tuscany is no exception.

Wine appreciation in Tuscany goes well beyond wine tasting – it is a total sensual experience! Where else can sip wine and savor food made with the freshest most delectable ingredients resulting from recipes going back hundreds of years?  In Tuscany, wine and food are intentionally meant to ‘marry’ well.

If you are looking for a romantic wine getaway, ideal locations in Tuscany include the high peaks of the Apuan Alps, the cypress-outlined, rolling hills of the Chianti area, jagged seaside cliffs, the enchanting Tuscan islands or the beautiful beaches of the Italian Riviera. It does not get much sexier than the self-assured way Tuscans dress or carry themselves. Stay a while and learn to fit in with the locals.

As for specific wines, Chianti is one of Italy’s robust reds and there are over 10,000 acres of vineyards in the Chianti area. How long will it take you to cruise all that acreage with your rented red Ferrari?

If great restaurant explorations are your cup of tea, you have but to choose from a list of world-class offerings around the Tuscany region.  Or, you can go exploring country roads and discover your own favorite romantic hideaway with “Mamma” cooking in the kitchen and the rest of the family making you feel welcome.

Did you know that Tuscany’s wines go way beyond Chianti?  The world-renowned Brunello di Montalcino area is ideal for having an exquisite meal with your lover in a beautiful castle among the vineyards and olive groves  while enjoying pasta, cured meats, crostini, bruschette and an array of world-class cheeses – all this and one of the world’s great wines.

You can be tantalized by the blending of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon used to make the full-bodied Super Tuscan Wines.  Or, if you find decadent desserts more alluring, try pairing one with Vin Santo (a Tuscan dessert wine).  A stand-alone sweet wine for staying “in the moment” is a sweet Vino di Meditation or wine to meditate on.

The ultimate experience may be to visit Tuscany in the autumn harvest season to get your arms around the grape gathering and crushing then taste the wonderful result of your labors. Some winemakers in Tuscany still stomp grapes with their feet and welcome visitors to get in on the action. Squishing grapes with your toes in the middle of a picturesque landscape and involving all your senses is quite sexy indeed.

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Tuscany Chosen by HBO for the Production of Sopranos Wines

Visit to Valiano Tuscan WineryThis fall The Sopranos varietals will hit stores nationwide.

The Sopranos, the landmark HBO series that set a new standard in television, has inspired a line of Italian wine that will launch nationwide this fall. The Sopranos Italian Wines will hit stores beginning in September.

And where did these fine folks go when they were looking for the best wines to offer American families? To Tuscany, of course!

There is no greater romantic rendezvous or sexier wine location than Tuscany in the heart of Italy, land of sun, sea, romance, amazing food and luscious wine.

Where else can you sip wine and savor food made with the freshest most delectable ingredients resulting from recipes going back hundreds of years?

You have your choice of wine locations in Tuscany, from the cypress-outlined, rolling hills of the Chianti area, jagged seaside cliffs, the enchanting Tuscan islands or the hills near the tower of Pisa.

I am personally familiar with one of the wineries involved in this project, the Valiano Estate Winery.  I wrote about my visit to this estate in the blog entry titled “I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!”  It is a wonderful historic winery that produces high-quality wines.

HBO certainly chose their producers well. The Sopranos Italian Wines will feature a range of selections for every type of wine enthusiast. For those seeking an affordable quality vintage for every day, there’s a Chianti DAntique__press.jpg.O.C.G., aged six to eight months, that boasts soft tannins with succulent flavors of cherry and berries and a leisurely finish.

For the more discriminating devotee on the look-out for a solid mid-tiered choice, options include a seductive Tuscan Cabernet-Merlot-Sangiovese blend, aged in a combination of big oak barrels and barriques.  It can be enjoyed now or uncorked in another three to five years, allowing maturity to bring out the full flourish of this remarkable wine’s character.  The wine is priced at $14.99.

The passionate aficionado searching for a good value on a higher-end varietal will be able to choose from a complex and satisfying Chianti Classico or an exquisite Chianti Classico Riserva, both of which are estate vinted and bottled.  The Chianti Classico is produced with the highest-quality of grapes from the hills of the Tuscan region and is highly-extracted, which translates to the deep color, lovely tannins and articulate bouquet.  Aged for a least a year in oak casks, and priced at $23.99, it too can be consumed now or in three to seven years.  The Chianti Classico Riserva hails from the heartland of the beautiful region of Tuscany between Florence and Siena.  Aged for three years in oak, this is a powerful red wine with strong tannins, a dry palate and delicate nose.  The wine rewards the patience of true connoisseurs who, though they may consume it now, may wish to hold onto this liquid jewel another seven to ten years before uncorking to experience the full spectrum of its extraordinary integrity.  It is priced at $29.99.

There are other Italian wines offered under The Sopranos label, including two Pinot Grigios, on from the Veneto region and one from the Fruili region, both very nice wines.

May you enjoy them all in good health.  Salute!

Ciao a tutti, Serenella

Barco Reale, Carmignano – A Restaurant Treasure

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