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Guide to Buying
Real Estate
in Italy

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Discover How People Just Like You Have Moved to Italy Land of Sun, Sea Romance, Amazing Food and La Dolce Vita “The Sweet Life!”

They Knew the Secrets of a Successful and Stress-Free move to Italy, Learned how to Make Educated Choices and Prepared Themselves with Realistic Expectations

Your Guide to Buying Real Estate in ItalyLast year, two Americans left for Italy to explore the possibilities of realizing their dreams and moving there. The first, a woman from California connected to the right people and got exactly what she was envisioning. She knew how to make the right contacts, what to expect, what terms to ask for, the best time of year to visit, etc. She now lives in a beautiful apartment in Lucca (Tuscany). She is living in comfort, eating mouth-watering food, making new friends, seeing amazing sites and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Another individual, a young man from the Midwest, arrived in Italy and was overwhelmed by the conflicting instructions, could not understand the different Italian rental and sales processes and wasted an entire month without finding anything. He mistakenly thought he’d learned everything about living in Italy by reading “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “The Reluctant Tuscan.” He then had to return home, start his research all over again, and has still not been able to make his move. Meanwhile, the properties he loved have been picked up by others. He has wasted precious time and money and he still is not where he wants to be.

These are two very nice, intelligent people. What did the first one do differently? She got educated from an insider point-of-view!

Whether you want to move to Italy as a property owner or a renter, be prepared to learn a whole new culture and an entirely new way of living and doing business. This thorough guide takes you through the real estate processes and provides you with an affectionate and humorous look at life in Italy.

NEW! We offer the first guide of its kind to help you:

  • Leave the ‘rat race’ behind you and escape to one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in the world in your own Italian home or apartment

  • Prepare all the smart and essential questions to ask before your trip· Smile as you learn whether you and life in La Bella Italia are compatible· Learn to streamline your research on the internet· Learn the best times of year to look for a home

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises

  • Learn how to choose the best property for you

  • Understand the Italian real estate purchase and rental terms

  • Get the low down on Italian real estate agencies and how they work

  • Know exactly what to expect and what is not possible in a foreign country

  • Learn all the useful home search terms

  • Learn what to take and what not to take with you when you move

  • Read about banking, mortgages, lawyers and legal processes

  • Make the most out of the money you spend

Your Guide to Buying Real Estate in Italy $37.00 USD

Are You Ready To Move To the Land of Sun, Sea and Romance?


  • Great Basic Travel Tips, specifically for Italy

  • Useful Links for your moving needs

Your Guide to Buying Real Estate in Italy

Your Guide to Buying Real Estate in Italy

Are You Ready to Move to the Land of Sun, Sea and Romance?

$37.00 USD



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